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Carley Nicholson is an experienced and engaging coach and trainer, with special expertise in resilience and wellbeing. From an award-winning background in relationship marketing and small business management, she uses her extensive leadership and management experience to deliver training sessions and workshops full of useful tools and strategies for maintaining and enhancing individual and group wellbeing.


Carley is known for her ability to develop and empower people to be the best they can be by fostering a culture of teamwork, communication, and integrity, on a foundation of employee health and wellbeing.


Her stress management workshops “Redefining Stress” are popular for teams, providing a fun, interactive and practical approach to coping with adversity and using effective proven strategies to remain calm, alert and engaged.

As an Accredited Resilience Coach with the Resilience Institute, Carley enjoys educating leaders within business, schools, and communities to cope effectively with adversity, build their resilience, and live their life with purpose and flow. Her work is founded on principles of effective leadership and wellbeing, which are applicable across industry sectors, empowering career fulfilment and delivering sustainable commercial results. Her clients recognise that their investment in personal wellbeing and resilience underpins their leadership effectiveness, and creates excellent businesses, thriving families and healthy communities.

Carley is also a trainer in leadership for the EMA, and loves helping emerging leaders to learn the fundamentals of leading an effective and efficient team.

As a certified Puzzle People trainer, her workshops engage teams and help them improve communication, understand different personalities, build effective relationships, and be more productive and engaged.  Puzzle People helps solve the puzzle of people as you learn why and how people communicate and behave the way they do, and how you can adapt your preferred style at times to be more successful in relationships or navigating certain situations


    • Bachelor of Business Studies – Marketing / Management – 1999
    • Certificate in Business Coaching – 2014
    • NZ Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 4) – 2021
    • Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management – 2021


    • Owner Manager Programme – The Icehouse – 2018
    • Leadership Development Programme – The Icehouse – 2014
    • Competent Communicator / Competent Leader – Toastmasters – 2020
    • Foundations of Positive Psychology – Penn University (Coursera) – 2021
    • Resilience Coach Accreditation – The Resilience Institute – 2020

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