Confidence In Public Speaking

Do you, your leaders or your team want to present and communicate more effectively?  The Confidence in Public Speaking workshop can help you, whether your talking in a small familiar group, or to a large unfamiliar audience, or anything in between!


Learning to speak confidently, concisely, and meaningfully can make a big difference in how your get your message across. Building your knowledge, experience and confidence can help you achieve your personal development goals and also develop your professional skills.  By becoming a dynamic speaker, you can captivate your audience as well as reach your potential.


Public speaking is not just about speaking to a group of people – it can include prepared speeches, giving presentations, offering a toast or speaking at a special occasion, sharing stories, answering questions “off the cuff” (impromptu speaking), as well as giving feedback to others.


As an accomplished Toastmaster and highly experienced trainer and presenter, I can offer you skills, techniques and strategies to communicate with confidence and impact.


My interactive workshops are fun, engaging, and they work!


Learn how to:


    • communicate clearly and confidently
    • overcome the nerves and the fear often associated with public speaking
    • maximise your impact and presence
    • minimise the feelings of stress or discomfort
    • use props or materials to enhance your message
    • engage effectively with your audience
    • use your voice to gain interest and attention
    • structure and deliver your message
    • manage impromptu “off the cuff” speaking


One-on-one coaching available, as well as team workshops


Does this sound like something YOU or your team could benefit from?  Let’s talk!

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