This 5-month program includes an on-site workshop each month to engage your employees and support sustainable improvements in resilience and wellbeing.


WORKSHOP 1: Foundations of Wellbeing (1 hour)

Learn the foundations for good health and wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional drivers that support productivity, health, effective relationships and happiness. Master your stress for a calm body, mind and emotions.


WORKSHOP 2: Physical Wellbeing (1 hour)

We explore the fundamentals of self-care for your body – how to secure quality sleep, how to move your body for optimum strength and health, principles of good nutrition for effective brain function and overall physical wellbeing.


WORKSHOP 3: Mental Wellbeing (1 hour)

Mental health is essential for how we think, feel and act, and also for a good life. In this workshop you will learn techniques for calming the mind, having better focus, enhancing creativity and improved productivity.


WORKSHOP 4: Emotional Wellbeing (1 hour)

Support your emotions to cultivate positive thoughts, moods and feelings, and learn strategies for adapting to adversity and stressful situations with confidence and intention.


WORKSHOP 5: Personal Action Plan – Bringing it all together (1 hour)

In this workshop we bring all of the learning together and create a personal action plan. We learn how to cultivate sustainable and effective habits to achieve your wellbeing goals.


Investment:  $3,495 + GST


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